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When moving property there can be one hundred and one reasons why you're going to need a bit of extra storage. Often only required on a temporary basis but definitely invaluable when it comes to your security and peace of mind, investing in trusted storage space is often one of the best moves that you're ever going to make.

There are two different types of storage when it comes to domestic moves: self-storage and professional storage services. Both offer an ideal means of partially or totally clearing your house on either a 'stop gap' or temporary basis and can often be the difference between losing a sale or establishing a stronger link in the chain.

Below are a few of the positives related to both types of storage and if you need space for whatever reason then both options are certainly worth pursuing before you start cluttering up your parents' loft and garage space.

Pros of professional storage services

All items are picked up and stored for you – this alleviates a lot of heavy lifting and the need to hire a van or other large forms of lifting equipment.

Items can be stored within a very short notice period – this is always great news if you need to get cleared in a hurry and you can't think of anyone to help you out.

This is a quick and efficient means of speeding up a chain – if an immediate move is what's required to buy your property then it's good to know that you have this option if required.

There's a greater feeling of flexibility when it comes to moving – the time that you have to spend packing, moving and finding a place to store your items can often weigh you down. Having someone to shoulder the load allows you more flexibility in the moving process.

Pros of self-storage

You're in charge of your own items – so you're responsible for breakages and knowing what goes where so it's easy to find again at a moment's notice.

You choose a storage location that's convenient to you – some firms will only use storage facilities that are in a set location so choosing a local or nearby alternative can be a better option.

You can clear some space in your own time – you may not need to get the job done in one go so having the freedom to pay a several visits over the course of a few weekends could be really useful.

You retain access to your items – once you've packed and coded your items then you get the key to the lock-up and are safe to come and go as you please.


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